BMS audiences, membership and consitution


The Music Society targets a wide audience for its recitals in the Brunei community, both local expatriates who enjoy music. The bulk of the audience is aged 20-45 and while the largest group by background are Western expatriates, there are an increasing number of local supporters. They also make up the bulk of the Society’s membership (which currently stands at around 80).

Many more people attend recitals than are members. Usual recital attendances are between 100 - 150 people per recital depending on the performance type and the door price.

In recent years the Society has done some work to widen the audience base through, for example, partnerships with local music schools. By inviting younger local performers to perform alongside our guest performers we are reaching out and attracting a wider audience.


Membership is currently $20 and gives members advance notice of recitals and priority seating. A CD lending library is also available to members. Membership secretary is Phyllis Thin.


The Society is a registered Society with the Brunei Registrar of Societies and has a formal constitution which is the basis for its formation and on-going activities. The Society is required to report annually to the Ministry of Home Affairs which has oversight of all Registered Societies.

"Music was invented to confirm human loneliness" ~ Lawrence Durrell
New members

Please contact the membership secretary to join.