Artists' comments
Kind words from past performers for the Brunei Music Society recitals

From Michael and Emma Hancock (Piano and violin)

Michael writes:

We had a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding time in Brunei. We were very impressed by the impeccable organisation and by the extremely warm hospitality. We felt that there was a really good atmosphere at the concert. It was good to have such a wide age range of listeners at the concert. It was a master stroke of yours to invite young local musicians to begin the concert. We were also very impressed by how you were able to help us fix recitals in Panaga and Sabah. Another highlight was the visit to Expression Music School. We were almost overwhelmed by the eagerness and attentiveness of the audience there.

We would encourage artists to give recitals in Brunei. Certainly our experience was a wholly positive and happy one. We'd love to come back sometime!

Emma writes:

It was wonderful to come and play in such an exotic location. Everything was impeccably organised and people were very responsive to our every need. I especially appreciated the enthusiasm and love of music of the various organisers. The audiences were very appreciative. It was wonderful to see so many young people, as it gave me the feeling that I was educating as well as entertaining. All in all my recital tour was very interesting and rewarding, from a musical viewpoint as well as a cultural learning experience.

From Peter Korbel (Guitarist)

It was a pleasure for me to play for the Brunei Music Society again. April 2004 was my third guitar recital in Bandar Seri Begawan. I was spoiled by a very friendly and perfect BMS team which is very important for a recital musician to play his music!

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