The Brunei Music Society draws a wide audience for its recitals, both locals and expatriates who enjoy classical and jazz music. The audience is encouraged to mingle with one another before and after the performance. Intermissions during recitals are designed to allow the performer to rest and the audience to socialize. Those who are new to classical music find that the Society’s recitals offer them a varied introduction to classical instruments and musical styles, while regular audience members and musicians are able to grow in their appreciation and understanding of classical music due to the diverse programs and musicians who are featured.

Regular attenders as well as anyone who wishes to support ongoing classical recitals in Brunei are encouraged to join the Society's membership.

In recent years the Society has partnered with local music schools to invite young local performers to perform alongside professional musicians at select performances. The Society is committed to encouraging student attendance and believes that classical music is an important component of a well-rounded education.

Both students and members are offered special discounts on ticket prices at most recitals.


  1. Currently the membership is free. Members enjoy advance notice of recitals, priority seating, discounts on ticket prices and exclusive invitation to the annual BMS dinner.
  2. Membership secretary for the 2019 season is Rebecca Chin.
  3. Click Here to access the Membership Sign-Up Form.


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