Information for Artists - Potential recitals

The Brunei Music Society (BMS) is able to host one recital in the capital Bandar Seri Begawan. The recitals are usually held on a Friday or Saturday. (Note: no recitals are permitted on Thursday)

There is a second music society called the Panaga Music Society (PMS) who also host a few recitals each year. The PMS is in the town of Seria about 90 minutes drive from the capital.

BMS is keen to arrange musical events in schools. These could be short recitals, workshops or masterclasses which run for about one hour.

While in Borneo, musicians often arrange additional recitals with music societies in neighbouring Sabah and Sarawak.

Kota Kinabalu Music Society, Sabah

The Kota Kinabalu Music Society was formed in 1973 with the aim of promoting an interest in serious music by arranging recitals for musicians, both local and foreign, masterclasses for students etc. Contact: Helen Tseu (088) 437322

Sarawak Music Society

A non-profit organisation with the aim of spreading the love of music in Kuching by assisting in concert organising and other information for music lovers. Contact: Admin

The Brunei Music Society package to artistes

The society negotiates the details of the fee package with individual artistes. The information below provides a guide to what we are able to offer.

1. A performance fee

This may be paid in cash (Brunei dollars/US dollars/ GB Pounds); a bank draft or TT in any currency. The fee is negotiable.

2. Accommodation

Arrangements will depend on the extent of the in-country recital tour. As a minimum, BMS will provide:

  • Hotel accommodation up to 3 nights (for solo artists) or 2 nights (for two or more artists);
  • Home stay may be used for longer stays or larger groups. The hotel provides special rates for additional nights.
  • All internal travel within Brunei Darussalam
  • A fee, currently Brunei $200, per school event
  • Additional hospitality

The BMS aims to give artists a warm welcome and provide them with the opportunity to explore some of the country while they are here. Depending on the length of stay, we try to host an evening dinner, arrange visits to local sights and other activities such as exploring the rainforest and bush walking.

Other financial matters will be discussed and agreed as and when necessary. Under normal circumstances the BMS does not sign any formal contractual agreement with artistes.

Timeline for recital arrangements

Planning the recital schedule is undertaken by the BMS recital programme organiser, currently Dr Aria Merkestein. The booking of artists often occurs up to a year in advance to fit in with their own touring schedules.

The table below outlines the basic process and requirements
1 Artist/s send:
- c.v. or resume
- proposed dates including travel plans
- fee requirements
- provisional programme
- web site (if available)
- sample cd (if available)
at least 4 months prior to recital date
2 BMS Negotiates package and agrees potential dates  
3 Artist/s send publicity materials and photographs (jpg 300dpi) website at least 2 months before recital date
4 Artist/s confirm travel / flight details and accommodation requirements at least 2 months before recital date
5 BMS books venue and accommodation at least 2 months before recital date
6 Artist/s send final recital programme and any recital notes for inclusion in the programme at least 1 month before recital

Brunei itinerary

The following should be considered when making travel plans:

  • BMS recitals are usually held on Fridays and occasionally on Saturdays.
  • All public performances must first be cleared by the censorship board. The hearing usually takes place anytime on Mon-Thurs and Sat between 9am - 2pm.
  • Be aware that the Brunei weekend is on Friday and Sunday.
  • Performances are not permitted on Thursday evenings

Example of an itinerary:

  • Wednesday evening - arrive
  • Thursday morning - censor board
  • Thursday afternoon - school recital
  • Friday free day - BMS recital 7.30 evening
  • Saturday depart 

Event format

  • Recitals usually start at 7.30pm.
  • There are two halves with a 20 minute interval for light refreshments.
  • The length of recital is normally 2 x 45 minutes.
  • Artistes are encouraged to introduce each piece of music.
  • Occasionally we hold a dinner recital where a buffet meal is served prior to the performance.

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