Censor Board

Brunei is one of the only countries in the world which requires classical music to be censored. However, the process is not too onerous.

The Process

  • The performers are required to submit their programme, and play a 10 minute sample; usually on the morning of the main performance. If your programme includes foreign language items please provide a translation to English.
  • The censorship panel consists of 6 to 10 public servants. BMS makes all censorship arrangements and covers the associated costs of BND $100 for the censorship and BND $100 for the performance license.
  • The Brunei Music Society has never had any difficulties with the censorship process. Artists are requested to dress conservatively; for women dress should not be above the knee.


Artists should submit details of any musical instruments being brought into Brunei so that BMS can advise the customs authorities so that duty will not be levied. Please advise your travel details (flight, date & time) for entry and exit to Brunei, the make and approximate value of the instrument.


The terms of a performance license requires that the police are advised of the event.


Performers should obtain a normal visitors visa.

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